Soft spot for shopping secondhand ~ thredUP

I've always had a soft spot for for shopping secondhand and scoured antique stores in high school for vintage sweaters, bags and accessories.  As I entered my late 20's, my interests grew further following in to home furnishings and furniture with a perchant for midcentruty modern design.  I followed in the footsteps of my parents who were avid antique hunters.  My decade and taste happened to just be different.  I too, enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.  So did my grandmother, and I frequented her little vintage shop (rip) on Lorton ave in Burlingame. I'll never forget the YSL wool suit I scored one time with her.  Not to mention the Louis Vuitton duffle I found while I was cleaning out her closet (chores and for fun!).  

So you probably could understand my excitement when I came on board to help out with PR/Comms at online secondhand startup thredUP.  I started each day with passion, and excitement as the marketing team brainstormed ideas in our daily huddle inspiring new and existing customers to think secondhand first.  I was drinking the koolaid, giving myself goals to fill up my clean out bag (I've submitted three already!) and shopped for friends kids and for myself.  

Securing media placements was a no-brainer.  I lived and breathed the brand.  Developing relationships with the media that allowed consistent press coverage touching on various themes rallying customers to clean out, spring clean and shop secondhand.  

As a fashion devotee, I even had the chance to work with fashion reporters and outlets that I long admired and devoured their stories.  Shopping secondhand will always be in fashion, and as of late thanks to startups like thredUP, The RealReal and Poshmark it's easier than ever to land that coveted designer item.  The RealReal is my go-to for fine jewelry, and bags (i've got a thing for handbags).  I have so much fun selling on Poshmark, it's like gaming for fashion.  

In closing, here is a round up of my favorite press hits secured for thredUP that have a fashion angle touching on the growth of the secondhand marketplace.  

WSJ, Ranking the Resale Value of Designer Fashion Labels


The Business of Fashion, Resale Sites Prepare for Battle